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Water Usage Calculations

We provide Water Usage Calculations for every type of building!

Who needs Water Usage Calculations?

Water usage calculations, also known as water efficiency calculations, have been part of building regulations since 6th April 2010; Approved Document G and similar enforcements are part of the government's action plan to ensure the UK is prepared for the future and whatever changes it may bring, including the forecasted increase in average summertime temperature and decrease in rainfall during the summer, estimated to be potentially dramatic as a 3.5°C-5°C increase by 2050. Due to these projections building regulations now include limitations for the usage of water per person per day for all newbuilds and conversions built post April 6th 2010.

The regulations state that properties must cap water usage at a maximum of 125L per person per day, local planning authorities also have permission to reduce this target to 110L per person per day, this practice is more common in London and southern areas. Failure to comply with the water usage limits can have a detrimental effect on your SAP calcs and EPC rating.

It is good practice to have water usage calculations completed prior to commencing work on the construction of your property, as you can determine whether your property will be compliant before spending any money on installing appliances and fittings, this means that if you are not compliant you need only change the plans, not the physical building. Here at Easy EPC we offer a full range of new build and conversion services, so that we can help you stay compliant from the design stage all the way through to completion.

Are any properties exempt from water usage calculations?

All new builds and most conversions are required to reach the standards set out in Approved doc G building regulations, however if your property was built before April 6th 2010 then you do not need to comply. The following scenarios would also mean that your property is currently exempt:

  • Work to build/convert the property physically commenced before 6 April 2010
  • Full plans were approved and conditions cleared by a local authority before 6th April 2010 and the work commenced before April 6th 2011
  • Where full plans were not required, a contract was entered pre April 6th 2010 or work was commenced 1st October 2011

What does the survey involve?

Factors including washing machine and dishwasher usage, flow rates of taps and showers, and WC flush rates are all taken into consideration during the survey, to ensure you receive a comprehensive report to fully satisfy building control.

Water efficiency calculations are a services that is done at the desk; no site visit required meaning that you do not need to take time out of work/your normal day for an appointment. The calculations are based off of the manufacturing info and flow rates from all of the various appliances in the property (ie dishwashers, showers, etc).

What do I get

Following receipt of all requested information, it will take between 1-5 working days to produce your water usage calculations, once complete you will receive a clear and easy to understand report, complete with tables and property address, ready to present to your SAP assessor and/or your Building Control officer.

If your property does not conform to the building regulation specifications then we can advise you on potential adjustments to improve the outcome of the calculations. This is especially helpful advice if you have your water usage calculated prior to construction, as you can make these changes on the plans before spending money and time on potentially unsuitable products.

Who will carry out the survey

Easy EPC have a competent team of assessors who are all highly skilled and have the attention to detail required to complete your water efficiency calculations and reports, ensuring you get the high quality and accurate reports you need for building control.

The water usage calculations are a desk based exercise, so our assessors will be in contact via email and occasionally telephone if they have any queries or need more information.

What else may I need

Building control will also request SAP calcs/EPC for your new build or conversion, we offer both “as designed" and “as built" SAP services, meaning that we can help at all stages of your build or conversion!

If your dwelling is a new build rather than a conversion, or if you are converting 10 or more units as part of the same development, then you will probably also need an Air Permeability Test.

Part E of the building regulations require that your new build or conversion property conforms to it’s Sound Insulation Testing limitations.

How do I book?

To get a quote for a water usage calculations for your property simply give us a call on 0800 170 1201, or alternatively fill in our contact form. The basic information we need to be able to provide you with a price for the survey is:

  • Architectural drawings including the plan view, cross sections, and elevations
  • Number of properties to be calculated

Our prices for water usage calculations generally range between £49.95 + VAT - £74.95 + VAT for a single property up to four bedrooms, although if you have a large number of properties (ie a block of flats) to be tested in the same booking, we may be able to offer you a discount! Contact us today to see if you are eligible for multi property discount.

Once we have provided you with a quote, if you wish to go ahead and book we will also need invoicing details and contact details for whoever will be meeting us on site. We don't charge up-front, but will invoice you for the work on completion, and release the water use calculations to you upon receipt of payment. Our pricing includes use of equipment and travel, so the price we quote you is the total price you will pay.

After you have booked with us one of our new build assessors will contact with a document clearly detailing all of the information they require for the survey.

Upon receipt of all of the necessary information it takes us between 1-5 working days to produce the report, at which point we will contact you to let you know its ready and provide you with an invoice. On payment of the invoice we will email your water usage calculations.

Our prices start from £49.95 + VAT, dependant on size and location of the property. Use this online booking tool to quickly get a quote for your water usage calculations.

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