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Who Needs SAP Calculations and SAP EPC

All dwellings constructed after April 2008 are required to have a Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) in place before they are first sold or rented. This applies to completely new dwellings as well as to those that have been created by a material change of use, e.g. from commercial to domestic, and to those that have been created by splitting an existing dwelling into flats, or by merging two or more flats or houses into one.

As well as producing an EPC, the SAP calculation process is also used to demonstrate your buildings compliance with UK Building Regulations Part L1a, or in the case of conversions L1b. To do this your SAP EPC is accompanied by a compliance report, which building control will want to see showing a pass as part of the sign-off process.

Over glazed extensions

If you have added an extension to your existing dwelling that has a glazed area in excess of 25% of the floor area plus the area of any openings now covered by the extension, then you may need SAP calculations or an area weighted u-value calculation to demonstrate compliance to building control.

What does the SAP survey involve

SAP calculations, which are carried out to produce your EPC and Compliance Report, are much more in depth than the type of EPC survey that is required for domestic properties built before April 2008. Because the property has been built relatively recently, it is expected that information will be available on the exact makes and models of the materials that have been used in construction. It also needs detailed information about the space and water heating, lighting and ventilation systems.

No site visit is required for SAP. Instead the calculations are carried out based on the architectural drawings and specifications. Ideally these calculations should be carried out twice, firstly as "Design SAP" before ground has been broken on the build, then again after completion as ‘As Built SAP’ to demonstrate compliance with UK Building Regulations Part L1a or L1b and produce the EPC.

Design stage SAP

By initially carrying out the calculations at design stage, if the building is not meeting its compliance targets then we can suggest changes that may be required to meet these targets while they are still easy to make. As you may not know the exact makes and models of products that will be used in construction at this point, we can use default values and calculate what the maximum u-values (which define the rate of thermal transmittance of a material or composite of materials) you can have and still be compliant are.

As built SAP

Once the build is complete "As Built SAP" calculations need to be carried out to produce the EPC and demonstrate compliance with UK Building Regulations Part L1a, or in the case of conversions L1b. For these calculations we will need to know the precise make and model of the materials used in construction, as well as details of the heating lighting and ventilation systems. If we carried out calculations for you at the design stage, then the "as built" calculations will be produced for a reduced fee. If design stage calculations were not carried out at all then we can still produce an "As Built" SAP EPC. In these cases if the building is not meeting compliance targets then making changes is harder than at the design stage, however we will work with you to find the most pragmatic and cost effective solutions, allowing you to test out various different scenarios to find the easiest way to get your building to pass part L1 sign-off requirements.

What do I get

Once we have all the information required to carry out your SAP calculations it will take us approximately 10 working days to produce the compliance report and EPC. If the compliance report shows a pass, and the build is complete, then you will receive a copy of the report and the EPC. For design stage calculations we provide an "As Designed" compliance report and a draft EPC. If the building is failing to meet its targets then we will work with you to find different ways you can improve the rating, with the aim of establishing the most practical and cost effective way of doing so. We will provide 3 different scenarios for no extra cost. Further scenarios can be quoted for and provided as needed.

Who will carry out the survey

Sap Calculations and EPCs are carried out at the desk using the architectural drawings and specifications, as such no site visit is required. We have a team of in house SAP assessors who have created 1000s of SAP calculations for just about every type of dwelling imaginable. Whether you are building a one off bespoke passivhaus, or are redeveloping a whole office block into flats, we have the expertise to carry out your SAP calculations in an efficient, timely and cost effective manner. Getting dwellings to meet their compliance targets can sometimes be challenging, but we have the knowledge needed to make the whole process as easy as possible for you.

What else may I need

If your dwelling is a new build rather than a conversion, or if you are converting 10 or more units as part of the same development, then you will probably also need an Air Permeability Test.

If your dwelling has a party wall with an adjacent building then you will probably need a Sound Insulation Test

Building control may also require you to carry out Water Use Calculations

How do I book?

To get a quote for SAP calculations and a SAP EPC for your property simply give us a call on 0800 170 1201, or alternatively fill in our contact form. The basic information we need to be able to provide you with a price for the survey is:

Architectural drawings including:

  • Plan view
  • Elevations
  • Cross sections

To carry out the survey we will need a range of other information, including:

  • Specifications of materials used in the build
  • Details about the windows and doors
  • Space and water heating system information
  • Details of ventilation system if present
  • Information on any renewables if present
  • Internal and external lighting details

Once we have provided you with a quote, if you wish to go ahead and book we will also need invoicing details and contact details for whoever will be the best person to answer any questions we may have about the build.

Our prices start from £49.95 + VAT, dependant on size and location of the property. Use this online booking tool to quickly get a quote for your SAP EPC.

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