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RICS Level 3 Building Survey Information

We provide RICS reports for every type of building!

What is a RICS Building Survey?

A RICS Building Survey is a level 3 survey and considered a comprehensive in-depth inspection of the property. Similar to a Home Buyers Report, a RICS Building Survey uses a clear 1-3 condition rating. Included is a detailed breakdown of the fabric and condition of the dwelling, along with an analysis of any defects and guidance on repairs and maintenance.

Who is a RICS Building Survey suitable for?

A RICS Building Survey is a comprehensive in depth survey and suitable for a variety of properties. If the property in question is older, larger or not a traditional property, this survey is strongly advised. If the property has been greatly altered, dilapidated or major works such as conversions or renovations are planned, this survey is essential. While this is the most expensive survey, it is vital for these types of properties in order to avoid any serious problems slipping through the net and resulting in a lot of more money needing to maintain the property that you were not aware of.

What does the survey involve?

RICS Building Surveys are the most basic RICS survey and take anywhere from 4 -8 hours to complete. Properties that have had many adaptations or are dilapidated may take longer. The surveyor carrying out the survey must be a member of RICS which shows they are competent enough to complete the report.

During their time on site the surveyor will thoroughly and attentively review the inside and outside of the property. The survey is designed to thoroughly cover as much of the property as the assessor can physically access. Where access is not possible, it is noted in the relevant section of the report as ‘limitations of inspection’.

The surveyor will not use force to take up fitted carpets/floorboards, remove cupboard contents/fitted panels or move heavy furniture/electrical fittings without consent or if there is risk of damage to property or individuals.

The survey includes noticeable parts of the services to the property and will include a visible inspection of the heating, plumbing, drainage as well as chimneys. Externally, the surveyor will survey the boundaries of the property, including walls, fences, common areas and permanent outbuildings.

Once the surveyor has completed the site visit the survey notes will be written up into the RICS Building Survey.

What do I get?

After the site visit it takes about 10 working days to produce your RICS Building Survey. Once complete, this will be emailed out to you. The report will outline the condition of a range of different building sections, garages and outbuildings as well as advice on managing any defects. This is presented using a condition rating to elements of the property. Condition rating 3 highlights serious defects that need urgent attention. Condition rating 2 highlights defects that need addressing but are not considered serious or urgent. Condition rating 1 notes that no repair is currently required. Condition 2 and 1 will come with the caveat that the property must be maintained in the normal way.

The report will provide a comprehensive analysis of the condition of the dwelling, advising on defects, repairs and maintenance. The report also highlights some of the most common problems, outlines the repair options, as well as explaining the consequences of not resolving the noted issues.

RICS Building Surveys will not usually include a valuation of the property.

Who will carry out the survey?

Easy EPC have a highly skilled team of RICS surveyors with years of experience, covering all of the UK. All our surveyors are fully accredited with RICS and hold the necessary insurance. We have the ability to carry out surveys on any type of dwelling, from a one bed new build to large and rambling older properties with multiple extensions.

How do I book?

To get a quote for a RICS Building Survey for your property simply give us a call on 0800 170 1201, or alternatively fill in our contact form. The basic information we need to be able to provide you with a price for the survey is:

  • Full address and postcode
  • Age of build
  • Type of property - detached, terrace, etc.
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Number of floors

It is useful and may enable us to offer a cheaper quote if you are also able to provide the following information:

  • To scale architectural floor plans
  • Property information pack

Once we have provided you with a quote, if you wish to go ahead and book we will also need invoicing details and contact details for whoever will be meeting us on site. We will require the payment in full before the appointment is confirmed. Once the payment has been processed, the appointment will be confirmed and the survey will take place. Our pricing includes everything, so the price we quote you is the total price you will pay.

Once we have visited site it takes us about 5-6 working days to produce the report, at which point we will contact you to let you know its ready and email it out to you.

Our prices start from £399.95 + VAT, dependant on size and location of the property. Use this online booking tool to quickly get a quote for your Building Survey.

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